About Us



As an experienced web development company, we specialize in managing CMS such as WordPress or PrestaShop, as well as creating websites from scratch on our unique code. Creating dedicated plugins and modules for CMS allows us to personalize and optimize your site. We attach great importance to designing practical and aesthetic designs so that your site is not only functional, but also attractive. Our passion and commitment ensure that we will deliver a product that will exceed your expectations and help your business thrive in the online world.


With five years of experience in website creation, our company has a rich history of carrying out diverse projects, from small, retail sites to advanced web portals.

Our experience has allowed us to understand how to adapt our approach to each project, regardless of its size and complexity. We proudly look back on our numerous successful projects that have gained recognition among clients. Our knowledge and skills will allow us to transform your vision into reality, exceeding your expectations.

GrupaTense SeoHost


Our company is proud of our partnership relations with leading companies in the industry. We are partners with GrupaTense, one of the best advertising agencies in Poland, which enables us to offer SEO content optimization and run effective advertising campaigns for our clients after creating a website.

We also cooperate with SeoHost, one of the leading hosting service providers in Poland, ensuring stability and security of the websites we host.

This synergy with GrupaTense and SeoHost allows us to deliver our clients comprehensive, top-quality services, helping them effectively achieve their business goals in the online world.

Work Methods

Our web development company boasts a wide range of skills that allow us to deliver top-quality products. We specialize in creating dedicated modules and plugins, enabling our clients to customize their sites and add unique features.

We also have experience in modifying original CMS and their templates, meaning we can tailor ready-made solutions to our clients' specific needs. This allows us to create sites that are both functional and unique.

One of our key competencies is coding websites from scratch. This way, we can create sites that are fully tailored to our clients' needs, from design to functionality.

Beyond website creation, we also offer comprehensive after-sales support to our clients. Our specialists are always ready to help with troubleshooting, site updates, or the development of new features.

Our skills and experience ensure that we can deliver comprehensive web development services that will help your business establish and grow in the online world.